narrowing of the bronchus

After another bronchoscopy is has become clear that Lukes left bronchus has now become severely narrowed. This means that his main problem is now not only one of getting oxygen in but getting carbon dioxide out.

It’s tricky because putting the ventilator pressures up to high to get oxygen into the lung, past the narrowing can cause the lung damage or even to burst.

Why this narrowing has suddenly happened nobody knows. But most likely has been happening very slowly since his right lung was removed and is perhaps the result of his physiology being changed.

GOS (Great Ormond Street) have been in informed and are meeting on Thursday to decide the best course of action as there is nothing left that can be done at Southampton.

One hopeful option is giving Luke a Bronchial Stent or using a technique called ballooning at GOS sometime next week.

Unfortunately for Luke he has to hang on till then remaining completely paralysed and sedated so not to put pressures on his system and has to until we know what’s next.