Lukes had a reasonable period in HDU but on Monday this week he had the symptoms of an infection. On Tuesday morning we were called to say he was having a bit of a *wobble*. He was coughing up yellow mucus, irritable, was very hot and sweaty and had a higher heart rate. He got into such a state he de-satted to 60% had to be bagged and knocked out with chloral hydrate.

They took sputum swabs to send away for analysis and the results have shown no viral infection, so they are thinking its a bacterial infection which is differnet and possibly from his tracheostomy site which is dificult to keep clean.

As of yesterday evening his heart rate was still up high - 160 bpm for a sleeping baby, (and will be higher if he is fighting some bug), but has gradually come down. I will be going to see if it has improved shortly...