Blood Transfusion & PEEK

A relatively ok day for Luke until about 5:50pm when he woke up coughing, had a minor death episode and had to be bagged and Veced out (put out of it).

Nanny & Nanny NuNu both came to visit in afternoon.

During the last few days Lukes blood hemoglobin content has become a bit low due to all the samples taken for test to make sure everythings ok. This means the blood is not carrying oxygen as effeciently as one would like. It sould be at 11 and never really go below 7.2 his has been at 7.2/7.3 for the last few days as his body can not regenerate it quck enough as hes so small - thus a blood transfusion was given today at about 6pm and it seems to have gon ok with no reactions etc. 


Peek is the amount of air pressure being put in by the ventilator and it ideally needs to stay below 35 ideally around 23/25 - best would be low teens. When Luke wakes up it can become 35/36 which is worry as the extra pressure can damage his lung.