CT Scan Day

Luke had his CT scan today. Before he was due to go in the scanner he had a minor death episode and had to have some atropine just to keep his heart rate up. This was probably caused by secretions being dislodged caused by all the moving in and out of his bed space.

We already know he has bronchial malacia in both the upper bronchus and a further narrowing far down in the lower lobe. One problem this causes is him being able to get enough oxygen to this lower lobe to help prevent infections.

The CT Scan results did not really reveal anything exciting. One hypothesis for his death episodes is that the left lower lobe of his lung is aggravating one his major arteries. Another thought is that these same arteries become enlarged because of the amount blood going through them due to the extra work he has to do only having one lung.

The doctors and consultants will meet on Monday to see if there is a way forward.