Dorchester Genevieve

On Wednesday I was discharged from Southhampton hospital and i*m now in Kingfisher ward at Dorchester hospital.

It was a really hectic few days for mummy and daddy having to get all my stuff and ready for the big move. Dr Connett gave me a broncoscopy on Tuesday to see how I was doing and he was pleased my airways generally looked better.

On Wednesday I left in the ambulance with mummy, Ruth and Angie about 11:30am. I was a bit sad saying bye to all the PICU nurses and consultants, and I think it prompted a really big fairwell vomit all over myself which Becky and Millie helped clean up!  I*ll try to make sure I come back and visit them again soon.

Arrived at Kingfisher Ward in Dorchester about 1:30pm. The nurses all seem really nice and Dr Wiley was there to say hello - he acted very quickly to help save my life when I first came into Dorchester A and E a year ago.

I*ve also been meeting the BUPA carers i*ll have looking after me at home who are also really nice. It*s a much more relaxed environment here for me and my family.

After all my kit was moved in and I was settled down for the night mummy and daddy left to go home about 7:30pm.

At about 10:30pm mummy started having some contractions and decided to come back to the hospital.

At 1:40am I had a little sister called Genevieve who weighed 7lb 13Oz  - a whole 5Oz more than me!

Next: i*m hoping to have some visits back home next week.

To be continued..

Brotherly Love!

30 mins old with daddy