Merry Christmas!

Since my bowel op things have started to gradually get better. My feed is increasing slowly and I am having less dirty nappies, although my bottom is still very sore!!!!!

 I have been trialling a posh new portable ventilator and so far it has suited me well which is good news in the long run. The next step is to get used to a dry circuit which will actually allow me to move more easily around my bed space and hopefully eventually give me the chance to leave the ward and go on little trips outside (although it was snowing today so I don*t fancy that too much at the moment!!). ?!!

 Last week I met Southampton FC, but silly Mummy didn*t really know who any of the players were so I couldn*t ask for their autographs. I was also asked to pose for the new PICU brochure, and as posing is one of my favourite hobbies, I think I did rather a good job. My bed is looking very festive and Mummy keeps making me wear silly Christmas costumes, as if I didn*t have enough problems already! Apparently Father Christmas comes to visit the hospital so I must write my list and remember to put my stocking up.

Hope I*ve beeen a good boy (Mummy and Daddy think I have!)................................................................, wonder how he gets in without a chimney?!!